3GI Whitepaper TL;DR

This (Too Long; Don't Read) section is for anyone who needs to get the gist of the thesis. We recommend going through the entire Whitepaper, starting with the Introduction section.
Executive Summary - TL;DR
3GI is a crypto hedge fund that empowers you to take part in the new Web 3 movement with professionals who are making informed investment decisions on your behalf. This investment thesis has been prepared by 3GI partners for the purpose of providing you with an overview of why we believe the crypto industry is poised to be one of the most important technical and economic shifts over the coming decades, the opportunities this space presents and why we think we are well positioned to take advantage of that growth and help you benefit too.
Why Crypto/Web3
  • Crypto industry is poised to be one of the most important technical and economic shifts over the coming decades with the potential to fundamentally change the way we live and work by changing the financial system and the models on which institutions, nation states and society were traditionally built on.
  • Crypto growth potential is being compared to the very early days of the internet. The internet is a technology that transfers information, while the blockchain is a technology that transfers value. There is an increase in adoption rates and use cases of blockchain based businesses.
  • The total value of all financial assets in the world is estimated at $430 trillion. Crypto's total market cap is still under ~$2 trillion. We believe crypto will capture a growing share of that market
Team & Investment Approach
  • We are a team of three Web3 enthusiasts, passionate about tech and big believers in the blockchain
  • We follow a diligent approach to identify investment opportunities that we believe will give our investors the best exposure to the crypto and Web3 ecosystem while keeping risk under management.
  • We invest in assets that aren’t yet available on centralized exchanges, giving us an opportunity to ride on massive gains before such assets go mainstream
  • We employ various DeFi strategies such as yield farming, liquidity mining, options vault strategies and airdrop farming.
Fund Terms, Benefits and Features
  • No minimum investment amount
  • Initial lockup period of one year after which the investor is able to exit at any time
  • We do not charge any management fees
  • We only charge a 25% performance fee calculated as a percentage of profits
  • We are giving investors the opportunity to partner up with us on sharing the profits on the investments made by investors referred by them
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