Fund Terms, Benefits, and Features

Close-Ended Entry, Open-Ended Exit
The fund is purely focused on the web3 world. It has no target fund size limit, and investors can join the fund within specific time frame windows pre-set by the team. As it stands, the window to join the fund will be on the first week of every month, subject to change. Please reach out to one of us to know more.
Management Fees
Unlike the traditional Hedge Fund Industry Standard, 3GI does not currently charge any management fees.
Performance Fees
3GI only takes a 25% performance fee, calculated as a percentage of the profits achieved at the time the investor wishes to exit the fund.
3GI Token
Investors will receive 3GI tokens which will represent their share in the fund. There will be a three-year lockup to any investor, after which investors will be free to exit at any time.
Partner with us
We are launching an exciting initiative to help grow our community by compensating existing investors who refer their friends. Investors who help bring in new clients to the fund will receive 5% of the profits of the investors they bring in and will be paid upon exit of the referred investor. This will be taken out from the 25% performance fee of the fund managers.